Wednesday, January 12, 2011

you are far above all this ...!!

Certain people are always looking for a chance to pick on you. Its like they hunt for it ,if they are aware that you are the one walking on a path where every step that you take is well thought of and that you avoid making regular mistakes, they will never leave a situation where they would get an opportunity to make your head bow. Hurting your self esteem or I may say your achieved ego is what they all look for, to gain sadistic pleasure ..Its like the way they look at you, sends chills in your spine and at times this happens with people who hold no grudge against the ones detesting them.
She did this to her AGAIN ,not for the first time but for the third. Repeating a mistake thrice in her school could lead to a person getting suspended ,But THIS was nothing to do with the school or it's rules. She picked her for the lamest of the things ,took her happiness to be a sign of diplomacy and her action to stand by the truth against her own thoughts which mind you went with what the world said and lacked basic maturity and substance.
She pointed out a silly mistake that the girl had made her in a proud tone , gladly smirking and eyes having that spark of hate towards the poor girl.
The girl had sensed her HATRED long time back but didn't want to be judgemental ,but that day her observation was proved right. She sat there ,looking at her infact staring to register that she DID IT AGAIN .She felt a sudden turmoil of emotions within but she still had that patent smile on ,somehow the curve saved her all the time .
She had already stabbed her a 50 times in her mind and wished to pull out the very reason of her satanic smirk. But then suddenly she could hear her inner voice calling ,and luckily she attended to it .After a moment she realised what a child she was being and quiety turned her face and with her head held high felt that SHE WAS FAR ABOVE ALL THIS .....

To this ,I say its amazing to see how one can outshine the BASIC HUMAN EMOTIONS ...
because no matter what and who you are ,remember YOU ARE FAR ABOVE ALL THIS ...!! :D

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