Sunday, January 9, 2011

Negative thinking .

They say 'every coin has two sides to it' ,similarly every situation that a human being finds himself in,can be percieved by two entirely different notions and outlooks. For some the entire scene instills hope to try again and achieve their dream state and for others it leaves them cribbing displaying thier extensively negative thinking. To make things more clear I have an apt explanation of the heavy word 'NEGATIVE THINKING' . In my point of view it's simply a mindset under the influence of which one refuses to see the opened door or opportunity offered by God with respect to the one lost which the person didn't deserve.
Obviously, it's completely normal to feel sad ,cry and experience dejection because we humans are u bunch of varied emotions and carrying a meaningless smile makes no sense. But the talk of concern here is that this should not become a way of life-NEGATIVITY SHOULD NOT BECOME A CHARACTER TRAIT.
None of us would want to know or interact with someone who sends and exhibits negativity or negative vibes.Also , based on thorough observations,psychologists conclude that souls with negative outlook are more selfish ,uncontended ,crooks and shrewd by nature .As they are unwilling to enjoy evrything that they posses and the phrase 'I WANT MORE' rules their world.
A glass of water is half filled or half empty depends on our sight and thought.If satisfaction is the mantra to happiness and positivity is the key, then negativity is that gorge from which none of the three blessings mentioned can be retrieved. So at the end I'd like to share and advice that the state of our mood and life depends on our thoughts ,outlook and most imporatntly US and nothing else ..

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