Monday, September 24, 2012

Venus Meets Mars .

Hola Everyone :)

 It really has been a LONG time since I last blogged and this guilt of not being able to slot a time for my passion has been killing me up and through, until today when I finally decided to ignore all bouts of procrastination and get down to doing what I've been intending to do since quite a while now : Writing.
You see it's not that I didn't have enough life-changing experiences to write about or I lacked valid evidences of how irrational 'we humans' can be, but it's just that once you reach this stage of being in a 'College', life suddenly from a plain, simple car ride gets converted into an adventurous, thrilling roller coaster ride : Well it does turn out to be that ways , for all Law Students at least .

Even though Professional Colleges are poles apart from other normal colleges, and involve a totally different culture but still no matter where you are , especially in India, whether in Delhi, Pune, Bombay or for that matter Chandigarh, there is this syndrome that I would like to term as 'Venus meets Mars Syndrome' which I believe is suffered by almost all of us, in some way or the other, even though the degree of it may vary from person to person.
See the 'Venus meets Mars Syndrome' is basically a syndrome in which any boy and girl who are spotted together on regular basis are presumed to be dating.
And Once if two people fall under this bracket and are noticed, I would just want to say to them 'God Bless You' !

It's funny how people want to westernize and modernize but still keep holding on to that age old philosophy of 'Giving a Damn to what others are doing', I mean somebody wearing a bright Yellow in a crowd of dull colours becomes such a Huge Deal that the poor victim has to reconsider wearing the same outfit the next time whenever she gets the opportunity to do so, and after weighing what would be talked about and go around 'she'd just let it go.
You know honestly, the reason why we are far behind even from the word 'progressing' is because we have all the time in the world to beat behind the bush, worry what the other is doing rather than using that time to better or perfect ourselves.
We have the time to presume what a duet (just friends) may be doing at an isolated place even though they might JUST be talking and getting to know each other ,rather than letting them decide for themselves and allowing them to exercise their freedom of Movement under Article 19 (1) of the Indian Constitution.
(Well that was some legal knowledge to prove that Law Schools do teach you rights before duties :P) .

I dont understand as to why, the youth today cannot accept the fact that a 'girl and a guy can be friends' , and more so 'Good/great friends' , it's not always the vital stats doing the job it's also the feelings that matter, there is a huge difference between liking a person as a "person" and liking a person as a "lover" , and trust me just mere talking or hanging out with a person isnt enough food to judge the depth of one's friendship with the other.
Even though I'd agree to the fact that the 'Teasing business' that the friends of both the boy and the girl get down too is a lot of fun with all "AYYE, We think you guys would make a great couple, or wow ! bro scoring high haan *wink*" being the mantras that manage to work EVERY TIME, but again "why do we care ?", why cant we just let everyone live their life for god sake and concentrate on ours.
Why do somebody's pants or hairstyle become such a tower in our lives, and nevertheless why do "human relations" between the residents of both Venus and Mars are seen at such a "sizzling level".
We generally wouldn't have the time to smile at people and wish them to have a good day but would have the audacity to present two people of the opposite gender engrossed in a conversation, with embarrassing and judgmental 'Lifted eye brows' that would make at least the fairer one go red and pink, all over.
I mean, it's funny seeing , how people have NO respect for people's privacy and are always so excited to know about WHAT is going on in somebody else's life and in the situation being discussed about : "WHAT IS GOING ON BETWEEN THEM ?"

Once the cat is out of the bag and rumors are in the air, people really won't make an effort to wait for a minute and apply their brains on the truth behind the statement but like lifeless and brainless slaves, go on believing and spreading it,  like wild fire.  
Then there are rumors, all sorts of rumors both good- bad, decent-explicit etc. which can totally make the sensitive ones lose their minds and for a while Re-consider befriending their male/female counterpart, simply because nobody likes to be targeted and talked about in negative and low light and that too for something which is completely right and pious, unlike how this darn mean world perceives it as.
The fact is that, men need women and women need men (no pun intended) for the smooth functioning of this world, so in my point of you, I really think that we all should seriously grow up, and surface out from cheap and petty thrills of talking about people and assigning lame reasons like 'they like each other or are dating' by just spotting two young birds together, until they themselves agree to what is being talked about them . 

It really is high time, we get rid of this syndrome because merely looking successful isn't going to make us one, "Stop Giving a Damn" , Winners Don't , We All Do :)

Friday, April 20, 2012

A million dollar love .

If little drops fell on my face,
and one look said it all,
if one smile was worth a million dollars ,
I would fly, laugh , talk and would jump.
But you shall walk,
walk a mile , make an effort,
let yourself free,
and help me become what I've always dreamt to be.
If I was a bird , I would want you to be it too,
this persuasion would persist until agreed to.
How beautiful this is ?
no words, only an essence,
your soul gels with mine ,
slips into the deepest of me ,
and soothes the craving.
My eyes say , they talk,
a language , unknown , unseen , unheard.
Be the translator, take the charge ,
it would go unnoticed, if you simply barge.
A fortunate turn of events and countless realizations ,
this life is not always in tandem with our aspirations,
it's a sequence of baits and charms.
Sometimes I wonder , How this life would've been without your footprints,
impressions on sand and my being.

I want to live , live this life in every way,
Pay the price and I wouldn't mind getting hurt thrice,
But after this , you'd have to be there,
there with me , because I would need a string of hope to wake up and breathe.
Breathe the air of genuinity , purity and femininity ,
Come and make me see , Who I am ?
Paint a painting, a reward of your imagination.
I would watch you with your gentle fingers , spread across the canvas .
The sunlight would lighten up the darkened days ,
with the moonlight the deafening silence would fade.
Let me sway , sway with the wind , (like the Lillis),
You can make anything feel beautiful even something as dry as the winter chill .
So tell me , listen to me and answer me .
I watch you , I observe you and I follow you .
And in real time , I run , I hide , I dream ,
Dream , to be as magical as you make me believe .

Maybe I'd put a thought or to ,
that if I ever lose you , I would lie ,
Lie on the grass , gaze at the stars with a hope to find you there ,
or back with me home .
I would search the woods and tops of the trees , if you decide to leave ,
Leave in your plans , leave with the breeze ,.
I would want to hold you , even if my hand would pass through .
I know we're in this together , like we all are ,
it's a cycle , a nature governed one .
Let's run away , go to a distant land.
What matters is the thrill in my life that you generate ,
the trust in your eyes , that I wouldn't ever want to escape .
These aren't expectations but the desired story of my life ,
a life spun with a golden thread ,
as priceless as French Vintage Red Wine .

Monday, April 2, 2012


The sky was dark, and the darkness thundered,
I stood there, waiting for the pour,
It was evident, it wasn't liked,
I wished to paint and dance in the night,
let go off what was thought , preserve myself ever more .
A clear sense of vitality washed me
Now , it was a new day , a new life,
an inexplicable one indeed,
a feeling much awaited ,
a feeling well rewarded,
How fair the "GREAT ONE IS" , I thought,
but did that even matter, when he planned to give me all,
all the smiles and credit,
the respect and I knew I'd made it ,
made it to the stars , the moon and the sun,
this victory was inexplicable,
after all the confusions and lows,
I stood there understanding, the feeling of life and not it's meaning,
a tough journey that was , with sprouts of resistance ,
but all was meant only for the strong , the mighty , the determined ,
there wasn't any room for , breaking or bowing,
no crowd , no soul : to support ,
I crossed the ocean , ALL ALONE ,
and now when I look back,
all the pain seems worth it,
coz what this victory means,
nobody can understand it .

I wrote this poem , regarding my experience as a house captain , and how I made it sure that it got back it's original position : THE BEST ALL ROUNDER HOUSE 2012 (NALANDA)