Saturday, November 12, 2011


 Today I walk a lonely road with dreams , wishes and desire ,

every thing's so plain , it's simple ,

it's destined to be straight .
Point's of reflection -when I look back ,
a stark realisation strikes me .
People come and people leave,
with hope to live it again,
do feelings alter , or people change ,
or is it just a part of a chain .
Broken promises and countless memories,
not better than an anchor,
which coaxes the vessel to wait- until hope disappears,
the myths say "everything is give and take" ,
always was and will be ,
but my utopia bubble was way too strong - to let in such thinking .
I know I have to be there ,
with an open mind and an ever accepting soul ,
but all they do is walk past by and hardly seem to care ,
Lonely nights , teary eyed , I cross my journey safe ,
bumps and smooths ,
twists and turns mark the nature of it ,
with no hand to help , without support , I struggle to stand up again
when the world walked out , I was there,
in pursuit to infinitely care ,
now , I am here , now I am alone ,
with silent laughter everywhere,
My eyes talk , they say alot , but there seemed no listener anywhere,
time isn't given , it rather is made ,
only if this mattered ,
it would've struck your mighty brain .

So go ahead , with arms wide open ,
give love and breathe it ,
you never know it might just be the only reason one relieves oneself from it ,
hug and touch , hold and comfort cause that is how it works ,
life is filled with ups and downs ,
one can go through highs and lows ,
but what matters is the bond that exists ,
Since there isn't anything special commonplace .