Sunday, July 17, 2011

Just a Fad ..

hello :)
I can't believe that I am finally writing and blogging after 2 and a half whole months ,even though I crossed various points wherein I felt this consistent craving of spilling out whatever I'd been collecting within the clear vicinity of my evolving mind .Well I guess that is what grade 12 ,aspirations and yes off course a transition phase which is inevitable can do to you . :P
But none the less I guess the wait was worth it . Many a times, I tried sorting out my thoughts  to produce them with the help of mere words and alphabets, but then found my self unable to do so . Now after so many days , I am here with ample realisations and observations that would suffice for another few writings .
It's exactly been a year since I attended my first Mock Mun before I took off to China for an International one . I still remember how fascinated I'd always been with this form of discussion and  debate and considered diplomacy to be an art which I always wished to master. Communication skills , considerable research and confidence is what I thought mattered in this simulated race of solving world problems . I feel embarrassed when I recall how blank I was on the first day of the Mock ,that during the first UN-moderated caucus  ,I asked a friend of mine to tell me on what basis I was suppose to support 'The GROUPS' being formed then . When he answered that I was to be with my 'ALLIES' and look into my country's 'foreign policy' , I simply wanted to disappear as I had no clue about any of the above .
But whatever it was ,the entire experience taught me alot , and I discovered all healthy and positive points about my personality . This encouraged me to take part in a few other Mun's ,holding all together different countries and stances . When I seemed to recognise my addiction and passion for this 'ART' , I started observing it more closely to know whether I really wanted to do it or not .
How I saw Muning then and the way I view it now , the opinions are poles apart .
I always thought it made you know yourself and yes it did , you always could assess your  capabilities and to my surprise your Wit  and shrewdness .
Judging the book by it’s cover is one mistake that I made , and as the time passed by I realised the truth behind this ever so emerging fad .
MUN'ning to me is nothing else than a forum to flaunt your style and looks , meet new people and for some non serious souls , check out the opposite gender representatives .
It’s a pool that can be highlighted with a cunning streak and  politics .  Your ability to pull some one down and in this case someone with a mediocre research JUST TO GET AN AWARD ,like seriously AN AWARD , is what counts .
Honestly it’s losing it’s class , . Wherever you turn your attention towards ,you have that very organisation conducting an Mun , it’ rather like a ‘herd walk’ ,where people are only concerned with organising one to create a hype in the general arena .
Cut the awards , cut the formality and then see how many dedicated individuals or I may say ‘delegates’ are interested to discuss about the current situation in Libya or the issue of membership expansion in U.N.E.P .
It’s ruthless and smart .
It’s all Give and Take ,you give me a position now , you get a position like you get an interest from the bank after a few months . Strangely , if you are blessed with symmetrical features capable of attracting the our counterparts then you don’t even require a good research or any knowledge of you country’s role in the situation being discussed ,just wear formals and a touch up on your face and be an author of the resolution before the table .
I didn’t want to be blunt but I guess the spirit of honesty ,is just persuading me to share more and more of what I think .
I realised all of this a couple of weeks back , but settling of the fact took much longer .
It’s more or less like , an addiction : like smoking is to a few people , the active smoker knows that it’s bad but is still unable to take a stand and formulate a decision . Not that I say that Munning is something frivolous or Unhealthy ,but I just know that it is definitely not my cup of tea .
 To be more specific ,if this is what you enjoy doing then go for it , but at the end reflect back and see for yourself how much you are gaining from it and not to forget to analyse it’s genuinity.