Saturday, January 15, 2011

Hindustan and Pakistan .... sons from the same mother .

Meet Jannat Ahmed , the daughter of designer called Shazia Ahmed from Lahore who I met during the Pakistani exhibition , last year , May 2011

“Bharat Mata Ki Jai” , “Hindustan  Zindabad” and “Vande Matram” were the three slogans a crowd of 500 people or more were chanting filling the air with a very patriotic and binding feeling .I sat there amongst the crowd , thanking god for blessing me with a V.I.P seat as I was getting a clearer view of the stadium on the other side of the gate ,I was happily able to see what I wanted to see – a glimpse of Pakistan. Pakistan the long lost brother of  our very own country India ,it’s history and how it came into being has always fascinated me and that’s the reason I have always wanted to visit Lahore .I was very charged up ever since the time I entered the WAGAH border ,I had tears and could remember all the stories my dad told me about his “Countering terrorism missions” while he was in the army .As I observed the people across the border ,the very fact that men and women were made to sit in different stadiums and only half of the humanity was cheering for their motherland made me understand the value of an Indian Citizenship  and the worry of my I-pod not being charged simply vanished away  .I was all in high spirits ,the blood in me gushing to my cheeks and I felt warm and completely energised .But just in the middle of my experience when I could picture the scenes of 1947 and  was in all favour of India from heart and soul ,I heard a faint voice that disturbed my endurance .It was none other than my 3year old sister Samara ,who rather was chanting on the top of her voice “JIYO JIYO PAKISTAN” . I was surprised listening to that ,and wanted to correct her immediately but as soon as I tried to do that she started to chant the Indian slogans . This innocent action of her triggered a deep thought in my mind .I realised how a child views everything around him ,for him we all are HUMANS ,no matter from India or Pakistan, following Hinduism or Islam or even wearing a burqa or a dress . So I decided to be more global and look into the differences and similarities between both the brothers .To my surprise when I dug into the differences I wasn’t even able to list a handfull  apart from the basic general ones which came because of the contrast functioning of the government and their ideologies .
Well many of you will say that women there are beaten ,suppressed and not respected but  India experiences all of this too , mainly it is all behind the curtains .Also the ever increasing rate of female infanticide and foeticide in our darling motherland signifies the amount of respect we have for our daughters . We may say that there is widespread poverty there but to that I have a firm reply that poverty is widespread in our nation as well ,with Asia’s largest ghetto located in Mumbai .Some of you might think that the Government in Pakistan is corrupted and about our Government the situation goes without saying .The hostile conditions of Pakistani hospitals must be revolving in your mind but the rural hospitals in India do not even have regular emergency wards. So what is the difference between India and Pakistan ?? To satisfy one part of my mind I think there is a huge distinction between the development levels of both the countries but still we all know that they both started from the same point.
With this all we can make out is that these two countries are filled with similarities .I mean they ought to behave like siblings , since they have been nurtured by the same mother .
Now when I think about the situation during the partition, I am forced to question that was it really the need of the hour or was it only a way of gaining power and achieving young political goals by two of the most famous leaders of both the nations : Mohammad. Ali Jinnah and Pandit  Jawarharlal Nehru.
Why is that the common man is always suffering at the cost of others ??
Is the bond of humanity so easy to be broken that some foreign power can manipulate and make all of us forget the glorious time we have had ??
Though I know the answer to my thought process is an appeal to be practical and logical but the entire play of the politicians and fanatics makes me  wonder that even after being free and living our own lives ,is the common man still being used to accomplish one’s selfish goals ??


  1. Very Nice Blog Kudrat,I am very impressed that you write so well.Please keep on blogging .Write about serious subjects as well as very light and simple poetic stuff.Do not be afraid to write what you feel.Normally it is difficult for youth to do that.I am very proud of you and may God bless you with great success.
    kul bhushan

  2. This was touching! Really! Awesome work! Keep it up! :)