Sunday, May 1, 2011

Random ...

I haven't blogged since ages and today I am all ready to pen down my thoughts in the form of words and try and express whatever I've been observing from the past  one month .

 Strangely ,I felt an over whelming urge to write many a times during this entire period but I just did not give into that demand ,maybe because of time constraints introduced to me by class 12 or some unknown reasons.Okay ,so hey!! as I have lost all contact with blogging (atleast I feel so) , I am facing a problem in starting my topic :PAll this while I have tried to work on my OVER-EXCESSIVE-THINKING-SYNDROME and now have taken a back seat in life .

Life is one lesson which carries on till one's last breath and is filled with moments which can increase ur mental age to twenty years ahead of your chronological one . It's one open forum where you consistently keep coming across a whole new set of people ,who do the job of preparing you for the bigger sharks of the world .
Trust me ,everything or anything that happnes is for the good and when I say this I realise it's easier said than done .After using my blanket as a shield for all these years which was supposed to serve the puropse of protecting me from an imaginary alien invasion I decided to use it for it's actual job and get over with stuff that was only restricted to my own world . 
Meeting new people always teaches one that none of us are the same ,which is a UNIVERSAL fact as well, but as the hour and the minute hand of the clock diligently keeps performing it's duty ,one keeps getting aware about the fact that one's behaviour has to keep altering. keeping in mind the person one is interacting with .People come in and exit ,without one even getting notified and that's how life is and people on the whole are .At the end ,it's all about oneself . And that's what I've seen around right there in the world .
 We all have this bizarre problem of complicating our lives and getting caught up in the viscious cycle of when ,why and what .Sometimes all that a situation demands is to "let it go" and that's how it should be like .
Nobody knows what all one has gone through and trust me no one is intersted to sneak out from their messed up lives to help one out , I am not making a delibrate effort to sound pessimistic but I am just seeing the world from a very different perspective . It's mechanisms fascinate me ,like how people make promises just to break them and how one gets something when it's least desired .

But one thing I know for sure, that one has to fall in love with oneself before anyone else .Umm not exactly a narcissist but something else of a balanced degree ...
 Also ,I  have been indulging myself into fruitful discussions about the existence of GOD with almost everyone I have been speaking to (Yeah so this happened a countless times) and still am left with doubts in my mind .. I have had my share of questions and answers and have been a keen listener to everyone's view point as well .But even after sooo many incidences and reasons put forward by people of all ages and professions , I still haven't been able to conclude and now have rather given up on this topic . Yes ,I do believe in God and his theory of alotting marks to each and everyone of us considering our "KARMA" .

Along with all of this I have been noticing that how this world only works on manipulation and exaggertaion .One has to master in this skill to push the other one and make way for oneself .Sad to see ,how the devil laughs and the angel carries that sympathetic expression of being taken for granted . And here I am referring to Lucifer and the angels in actual sense .


  1. Hi Kudrat, hope you are fine. Nice to see you blogging again. I am always looking for great posts.
    About GOD the religious people start with that there is god and atheist say their is no God and So both do not agree on basic rules, so both are flawed if discussing god.

    We all need god and are comforted by hope of help like at test times, or when some dear one is sick, even at times taking a flight. So God serves its role well. When we see the religious people suffering and innocents suffering, one cannot accept an all powerful god is responsible for all this mess.

    Even if one has no belief in God we have to believe in Soul. That is the force which separates a dead person from the living one. We can study it, understand and make the connections. We know very little about the meta physical world.

    Keep searching . Ask people who have made informed and thorough search of the subject. some of the great monks have resolved problems in their own way. Some of the solutions to complex problems are much simpler than the problem. Ask one and all how they resolved conflict in mind.
    Some elders who may seem simple in their methods have resolved to be so after great enquiry. I have been amazed at the thought that these people have chosen a simpler path like Bhakti as others were tedious and not fulfilling .A great Bhakt enjoys the life of devotion much more than a deep scholar of god and man relations.

    I wish you well with this enquiry .It is always good to believe good family traditions. Understand them and your elders way of prayer will open path for you .It should always meet the test of good logic or and sound judgment..

    I am glad you are writing again. Wish you well in this new year. In School. You will do very well.

  2. Hello chachu :)

    Ah GOD ,is one topic whose ambiguity has remained since times immemorial and will continue to remain for the coming time as well.
    We pray to him ,we fight with him ,we blame him and at times thank him for miracles which happened only because of him and otherwise never would've happened .

    A friend of mine explained me the existence of god ,saying that we have two forces driving the world namely love and lust and these two constitute our entire being ,and there obviously has to be some mechanism to control it all ,like a software engineer designs a software which has the quality to function on it's own ,but keeping aside it's functions one cannot ignore the fact that it was invented by someone .

    I will be talking to people about GOD, this is one topic for which no two people can have the same thinking and experiences .
    thanks alot for your support .

    I will blog soon . :D