Friday, March 18, 2011

Omegle :)

 I could never understand those constant pleas to go to bed on time made by my concerned kins until I had these exams when I hardly got to rest and just managed 4 and a half hours of sleep in two days . Taking forty winks at 3:30 am ,waking up at 6:00 am and then taking an exam at 8:30 am .. was terrible to an extent that my body finally decided to give up and left me with bloodshot eyes ,and a spinning head with a sick feeling .
I know to many of you my experience might not be at par with your story as you may not have slept at all in two days and might hold a record of staying awake for 4-5 days ,but keeping in mind the sensitivity of my metabolic system  ,which is inefficient to an extent that I can easily get a  a bad throat incase I keep chewing a chewing gum after it lost it's taste ,I now realise what feeling good means. ...

I wouldn't want to lie and say that I decided to drown in the vast ocean of my textual books related our society and the constitution plus on our learning and thinking patterns . Along with my study I invested a huge amount of time in something called omegle .

Omegle is a site where you get to chat with random people of different countries and having varied intersts .
NO I did not use the VIDEO version of it ,due to two simple reasons :
1. I find myself too gentle to be seeing people without clothes doing all sort of weird stuff in front of unknown people . GROSS.
2. My computer does not have a web cam .

So I decided to stick to the textual edition of it . It's not necessary that you get just the right people there no matter how sweet you are ,a friend of mine can tell you more about his experience with jagmos there ---- Uday Vir Garg please enlighten all my readers. *nasty wink*
But somehow I have been lucky to come across extremely thoughtful ,helpful and interesting people.

I met a 17 year old teenager ,living in L.A and having a Russian- Armenian background who was also studying psychology and with whom I enjoyed a talk about humans and various personality problems . We concluded that all of us were selfish and would never go out of our way to help someone suffering.
He simply hated being a human at times ,and I totally second his view point. At the end we decided to make a difference in this world with our own little efforts and came to a conclusion that " we can't possibly take charge of everybody's actions because by doing this we will be infringing upon their right of judgement ,but all we can do is Inspire and Motivate "
We clicked to an extent that we make a collective effort to solve our internal crisis and also he now is my Russian-Armenian language teacher . I would be teaching me the easier one of the two ...Privet , Kak tee  :)

Also ,I met a 20 year old boy of Italian-Irish origin who started the conversation in a very very imaginative way , which suited my skills to the fullest so I decided to reply.

He questioned "what would you do if you are in a wrecked ship and your captain is missing and you have people behind and I was like I would run away and then he said after this goblins start following you and they are about to kill you and I said I will charm them. To make it more difficult for me he totally discarded my effort and said charming dosen't work on them what next .all could think was to jump off in water and thought the situation was finished but he came up with the last lap and told that u have a treasure but an pedo bear starts following you and I say that I'll pick up the treasure and make the pedo bear meet a pretty pedo bear and tell him that she is his soulmate" . Seeing the innovation and collaboration of our ideas that gave birth to an amazing short story he thought to use it for his writing class .
He lives in America and has seen Indian movies like : Robot ,Dostana  ,Love story 2050 and ghajini which he has viewed thrice.
Pretty shocking . Also we discussed birthday games as I planned to have them on my birthday. I am not having games now :P

Then I met an Italian 20 yr old who taught me "CIAO" and taught me that "If you are good at something never sell it for free" .

Also I met a 20 year old who absolutely loved everything green like money and marijuana ,and tried his best to convince me that weed wasn't harmful for health . He had never heard the word "Bimbette" and found it very amusing, he decided to use it to blondes around .
This is for all those who care for me : Do not worry I wasn't taken away by his words . I will still say NO to drugs !

Then I came across another 20 year old (I guess I have something with the number 20) .He was extremely depressed as his girl decided to leave him after going out for 4 years .He always talked to her about football as he had been associated with it since childhood,and I told him how "his passion" was making her feel unwanted. We concluded that we can't possibly keep talking about breathing even if we have been inhaling oxygen since we are formed .
I hope and pray everything in his life turns out the way he wants to .

The next would be an australian boy who thought I totally had a child's mind as I believed in feelings and emotions who thought such things never existed.

The last would be two very thoughtful people surprisingly I don't know their name ,age or sex , such information dosen't matter anyway till as the time we all are a part of the Humanity. 

 I was just messing around and asking weird questions along with telling them that I was a little turtle from Pluto and how it was so cold in here , and that did humans believe in emotions like anger ,ambition ,friendship and love ,do they think beyond their aims,what is fair and what is would be unfair, how many people could they like at a time ?
To whicj they gave interesting answers but two answers that left me thinking were the amswers to the last question :
The first person said : "I can like 200 people at a time ,it dosen't matter how many you like all that matters is that wheter you are happy or not .And for me being with someone dosen't constitute a reson behind happiness".
The second person thoughtfully stated that "It all depends on the space allotted in your heart for each person"

I also came across people who were looking for people who could serve their desperation but to that my answer simply was "Pressing the disconnect button"

I go on omegle to meet new people ,to know about their religions,cultures, lives and always try and help them whenever I can .
You should try it too .
As you never know you might come across people who become a part and parcel of your life .
Meet people and learn from them ,communication and interaction will always help in expanding your horizon.


  1. Nice post and great ad for Omegle.Hope you did well in your tests.

    I am impressed that you are communicating with people in real time and are having a real meaningful conversation.

    good luck.

  2. thanks alot chachu :)
    yeah well I guess I advertised omegle for free in this article of mine :P

    Well , whenever I meet anyone I always look forward to learn something from him/her and that only happens when I talk to them ..

    thanks a lot again :D
    and my result is on the 26th so that's when I get to know about my result ... :)

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  4. hi kudrat ,,
    this one is nice .
    the russian the person taught you is like this 'privyet" is for "hi " actually it the informal way of saying hi in russian language .in russian language you have wo forms of speaking ie formal and informal .the formal for saying hi is "zdrastouchte " hard to pronounce.and "kak tebya" is "how about you". or what about you .if you want i can teach you russian as i know the basics very well .