Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Kite flying

 Life is a PERFECT balance of tears and smiles,it is designed in a way that after a dark stormy night we get to experience a warm sunny day . We all are entitled to our share of suffering and are blessed with happiness once we manage to pull out ourselves from the dungeon of sadness with the help of hope,care and love .
We all wish to be what we have always dreamt off and it's the passion in one that helps him achieve his goal and hit bullseye.
We all want to reach the zenith and touch great heights , and in this drive for perfection we seldom tend to forget the importance of maintaining our level of excellence once the above mentioned things are fulfilled.
As it is said that one should try and learn something about everything everyday so keeping that in mind and trying to implement the thought  I picked up my rhombus shaped black and pink coloured kite and proceeded towards the ground. An activity extremely famous in Afghanistan and was being carried on in India since the ancient times : KITE FLYING, was what I was going to get conditioned to, that day .Needless to say learning the very skill of it was an entirely new experience for me ,it stimulated deep beliefs and gave voice and clearence to my unsaid observations.
I had a drive to learn and I tried hard enough to succeed. As soon as my kite was flying against the partially blowing wind and I was trying to figure out the time span after which the kite had to be pulled to maintain it's stability in the air ,the beauty and the strange calmness of the weather trickled a series of notions in my mind which had started finding a deeper meaning to what I was doing. I saw ,felt good and a sense of satisfaction took over me as I was amazed to realise that everything that we do has something to teach us in our life and it's occurence always has a reason behind it .
I imagined humans as a kites of different colours ,shapes and sizes ,(it can be fun to acquire the phase of ANIMATISM at times) who are made in a way that a lumpsome of attention is paid to details and interacacies during the time they are being produced .A kite i.e is a human ought to be gentle yet strong enough to face the wind and blow of adversity.
The moment my kite kissed the sky, a streak of excitement was experienced by me and I was pushed into the last stage of my deep thinking mode which forced me to analyse and come up with something worth remembering in life.I looked up ,smiled and thought  that just the way a kite is supposed to be pulled by us for it to enjoy a static position in the air we humans who are compared to kites need constant criticism even after we are have attained the pinnacle of what we had desired so that we can constantly keep checking ourselves and simultaenously improve.
Criticism is something extremely essential in life. Afterall they say one can only know himself when one is aware about the faults and qualities he lacks and criticsm or I may say constructive criticism always helps you accept yourself and evolve as a positive human being.
At the end I would just say that it's all about what you think ,as your thoughts come out in the form of words and enter this universe ,they come back to you as experiences  .


  1. Very nice, about the comparision of kite to humans. Yes, we do at times fly high and forget to look below, from where we flew from. Thank god for the string otherwise the 'kite' will fly into nothingness or get ripped getting stuck in midflight. So, we should fly but with feet to the ground!

  2. Hey :)
    sorry for the late reply .
    I was just busy preparing for my final exams.
    True that .
    Its just moments where I get illuminated with truths of life in incidences like these .

  3. kite flying against rough skies is like a human against the challenges of life ,soooo similar ..