Sunday, May 1, 2011

As long as they loved ....

'I want to flee' ,said he
alone amongst the crowd,
shady and dark,
captured by responsibility,
in search of stability .

'I am here',smiled she
promised to stand by,
until he was freed ,
yet doubtful ,whether they would succeed,
In search of the best one had ever seen.

The risk worked and they stood there,
she let him fly and saw some dreams burn,
she didn't retort and felt the time run,
it was angelic ,it was perfect ,
she realised she wasted  time being sceptic.

Until one day they discovered,
it wasn't much that could be done,
they knew she was weak and that made him too low,
Advices to smile and false hopes,
But they knew it was easier to say,
than one could actually do.

'But you were all that I had' ,cried he,
'Maybe angels are only sent to help thee' ,
he had to pay back,he had to be there,
because she helped him release his innate fear.

'One month she has' ,claimed the doctors,
he prayed hard so as the situation could be altered,
she lived her days and wished to rewind,
'why did this happen to us' ??

So many questions he had in mind,
no answers but questions.
They knew now moments didn't matter memories did,
It was sure,she would go,
And with this he loved her even more.

He decided to sing,he made her laugh,
he lied and cried,for all days to come,
they hugged ,breaking down with each other,
was what she once dreamt off.

She feared death ,he feared losing her,
but they tried to cover it up to ,each other,
sighs and tears all over them ,
life could be equated with a dungeon.

The ultimate day came and she passed,
he wondered why his love couldn't last,
someone who taught him how to live,
he loved her and that was the end of it.

'I'll miss you !' was what he said,
she looked peaceful and that's what he wanted ,
but he knew she was there with him,
even if the future seemed dim.

He looked at her picture and smiled,
'I have no one to share with'
'Talk to me' but nobody could hear him

A girl who came and went,
a girl who loved him fairly well ,
a girl who made him complete,
she still remained his love even when he turned sixty.

The protagonist stayed single for his entire life after the gloomy death of his love ,which totally left him devasted. But nothing changed between  them and their bond which was eternal ,except that now he travelled the world which he always wanted to do with her, alone .
But with two tickets .............................. :')

{So that he could carry her soul along...........}
I have never tried my hand in poetry ,this is my first attempt .....


  1. GOOD JOB.
    like it
    must be my class mates.hahah

  2. Very nice, good to have you back! Good luck and keep writing!

  3. Thanks alot :)
    I just wasn't able to write as I got extremely busy with grade 12 :D

    Well , about their age I haven't really thought off ,they were un married is what I can be sure off as of now .

  4. Well, now I went and did it...I didn't mean to close our conversation. I was in the middle of typing an accent mark in Italian when I accidentally quit. I just wanted to apologize for that..I feel quite bad.

  5. Hey david :)
    Honestly when I saw "this conversation has been disconnected" statement on my screen I was left wondering as to why you disconnecetd it .

    But somehow I was sure that it must've happened accidently.
    I am happy that you contacted me ,now you know why I shared my blog address with you ,see it's all destiny :D
    And Do not apologise . Its okay .
    Stay in touch . :D