Wednesday, February 16, 2011

sorry ,thank you ,please !

How often do we get to hear words which were once classified as MAGIC ONES and marked the beginning of our courteous being in the fast 21st century ?
Unfortunately, these words have become a RARE symphony to be heard .
These are generally discarded as mere FORMALITIES  which are thought of as unwanted GIRLY dialogues to be uttered by anyone of us .
But if I go deep and analyse ,I observe that at times simply their usage can determine the start or the end of any relationship. I mean HOW WOULD YOU FEEL ??? If someone right away ordered you, taking help of his dominating tone rather than using the word PLEASE to add a milder touch . Imagine ,If you helped someone and did it whole heartedlly and did not recieve a THANK YOU ,maybe the maximum that you wanted and were expecting because as humans we have a tendency to carry expectations .
Or how about somebody managed to hurt you and did not BOTHER to apologise ?? Whereas you were in all mood to settle things out .

Personally, I would feel LOW for not adhereing to any of what I deduced from real life situations.
So here I have a reason for each of these three words ,to convince you about their role in relationships .
I am their spokesperson for tonight and would try and revive their effect in the world we live in today .. 
When somebody is good to you NEVER hesitate to THANK them ,you are not doing it because the person who helped you deserved it but you own the responisibility to make him realise that YOU AWCKNOWLEDGE HIS HELP AND THAT YOU ARE GRATEFUL TO HIM ..
Its all about making someone SMILE or being a reason for their happiness and making them feel special .
Do not erase the extreme value of the CLiched word SORRY .. use it very decisively and generously when required ..
And lastly ,Just remember NONE OF US WOULD WANT TO BE ORDERED ...!! 


  1. Hello Kudrat,
    I am glad you are blogging about variety of subjects .Thankyou.Thank you and please are the words which are lubricants of human interaction. Thanks and please to superiors is just fulfilling the duty.Thanks to the people who depend on you is even more important for the leader.Thank you and please will get you more respect than any two words can get. Carrying your own weight is other way to get allies.
    Congratulations for writing so well
    kul bhushan

  2. Hello :)
    Firstly THANK YOU for appreciating every piece of my writing and for your unshakable support.
    I do realise the importance of these words ,and I think their usage is of utmost imporatnce as I myself expect them at different life situtions .


  3. Hi there, just found your blog. Very good writing, you know its really difficult to find good blogs! I totally agree with you on the Magic words, I have surprised many a bus conductors with a thank you, and the smile that you receive from such people is amazing. I have seen that abroad people remember the Thank you's its only in India I have seen we have forgotten it. Good luck and hope to read more good things from you!
    I too write poems so if you are interested kindly go and see on the url

    Best Wishes to you!

  4. Well THANK YOU for your appreciation .
    I am glad my work is being liked .
    I too believe that these little ethics or I must say magic words help one being remembered by people for their courtesy.
    I myself always make it a point to thank my driver,helpers or for that matter of fact even vendors ..
    And the smile you get is indeed priceless ..
    I surely will go through your writings ...
    take care