Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Snatchers,accomodators and helpers !

'Competition' is a natural human instinct which is embedded in our genes since the very time a sperm swims and joins hands with the ovary of a woman .
Now hold your JAW if it has dropped, I mean I realise that whatever I talk about is raw ,crude and in it's purest form as I like observing and penning down everything that exhibits the literal meaning of my name  .
According to the basic general theories of the way humans live- COMPETITION is something without which one cannot possibly take a step forward in their lives .It is something that is inevitable in one's world and if oxygen marks one's breath competition marks one's SURVIVAL .And all learned ones reading this, must have heard of Darwin's idea of "SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST ".
He states in his simpered yet firm tone that "One can only survive if he has the drive to beat others in what they do ". Many of us follow this path and mistake it to be the one leading to our ULIMATE destination called SUCCESS.
We all wish to be famous and known by our peers and surroundings at the cost of losing one's identity and inner self .We seem to forget who we are in this rat race and bargain our conscious on cheap terms so that we can supposedly PROVE it to the WORLD that THIS IS IT .

My friend once told me who was further told by someone that there are always three kinds of people in this world : 1. THE SNATCHERS , 2. THE ACCOMODATORS , and 3. THE HELPERS .
To define them he was told that the former are the ones who take every opportunity that has been awarded to them and also try and grab somebody else's luck to avail their chance , the second are the ones who are satisfied ,contended and happy with what they get and are ready to adjust with their fate .The latter ones are the ones who help both the snatchers and the accomodators climb the ladder at the cost of their own opportunities and to finish the information being provided, he was told that throughout the history it has been proven that ONLY SNATCHERS get to taste sheer SUCCESS AND FULFILL their DREAMS ,and was adviced to be a SNATCHER himself .

I personally don't believe in this room of thought ,I feel that it is more important to be able to stand in front of the mirror and look into your own eyes rather than die of guilt of being mean to someone due to an utter CRAZE of being the BEST .If one needs to compete it should be done with oneself and not with the rest of the world as It is scientifically proven that all of us have a different level of intellegence and are unique  in just the way we are ,keeping in mind our interests and passions.
Competing with someone else is as similar as the colour Pink trying to prove that it is better than Black whereas both have their positive and negative points as well as usage .

At times when I am alone and am enjoying solitude I have various thoughts, ideas ,notions and words crossing my mind like cars crossing the London Bridge going from one side to another and it's at moments like these when I like all of us realised that NOTHING in this universe is OURS ,Not even OUR own body which one can TOTALLY say it's his and absolutely NOBODY has a right on it, as when one dies all one would carry with them would be their soul and nothing else and maybe then one would realise that, that one mark for which one manipulated to beat the other student or that one exam for which one cheated to exceed somebody else's marks wasn't worth it .

Mistakes are something that humans are bound to commit and the fact that I myself have been  a victim of utter competitiveness, has taught me that one TRUELY WINS WHEN ONE MANAGES TO BEAT HIS OWN RECORDS AND IS ABLE TO SET NEW STANDARDS FOR ONESELF.


  1. Hello Kudrat,

    I am glad you are blogging again.

    Pursuit of excellence is its own reward.We all have some innate capabilities.For most of us if nourished and trained properly to the fullest potential we would be Genius.

    It is lot of hard work.They say it takes ten tousand hours of learning to be at the level of concert musician.That applies to other fields also.

    I believe given opportunity and nourishment every child has a potential to be a great master .I know a Shakespeare or Tagore or Einstein are born every two hundered years or so.No body knows when next Shakespeare will be born .It is harder to be a genius of that level than be an outstanding scientist.Literature is a field we do not know how to measure properly.Not knowing Bengali i can say, I missed out on Rabindar Sangeet.If you watch Bengalis and Bangla Deshis hear his poetry you know that it is beyond language and he has aconnection with Gods like the lover of the Sufi.

    Please encourage all to write. I am always hoping that new great writer from Chandigarh is in the making.

    I am your cheerleader.

    kul bhushan chaudhary

  2. hey. I went thru this.
    I believe the best competition is the competition against oneself.

    well written indeed