Monday, April 2, 2012


The sky was dark, and the darkness thundered,
I stood there, waiting for the pour,
It was evident, it wasn't liked,
I wished to paint and dance in the night,
let go off what was thought , preserve myself ever more .
A clear sense of vitality washed me
Now , it was a new day , a new life,
an inexplicable one indeed,
a feeling much awaited ,
a feeling well rewarded,
How fair the "GREAT ONE IS" , I thought,
but did that even matter, when he planned to give me all,
all the smiles and credit,
the respect and I knew I'd made it ,
made it to the stars , the moon and the sun,
this victory was inexplicable,
after all the confusions and lows,
I stood there understanding, the feeling of life and not it's meaning,
a tough journey that was , with sprouts of resistance ,
but all was meant only for the strong , the mighty , the determined ,
there wasn't any room for , breaking or bowing,
no crowd , no soul : to support ,
I crossed the ocean , ALL ALONE ,
and now when I look back,
all the pain seems worth it,
coz what this victory means,
nobody can understand it .

I wrote this poem , regarding my experience as a house captain , and how I made it sure that it got back it's original position : THE BEST ALL ROUNDER HOUSE 2012 (NALANDA)

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