Sunday, July 17, 2011

Just a Fad ..

hello :)
I can't believe that I am finally writing and blogging after 2 and a half whole months ,even though I crossed various points wherein I felt this consistent craving of spilling out whatever I'd been collecting within the clear vicinity of my evolving mind .Well I guess that is what grade 12 ,aspirations and yes off course a transition phase which is inevitable can do to you . :P
But none the less I guess the wait was worth it . Many a times, I tried sorting out my thoughts  to produce them with the help of mere words and alphabets, but then found my self unable to do so . Now after so many days , I am here with ample realisations and observations that would suffice for another few writings .
It's exactly been a year since I attended my first Mock Mun before I took off to China for an International one . I still remember how fascinated I'd always been with this form of discussion and  debate and considered diplomacy to be an art which I always wished to master. Communication skills , considerable research and confidence is what I thought mattered in this simulated race of solving world problems . I feel embarrassed when I recall how blank I was on the first day of the Mock ,that during the first UN-moderated caucus  ,I asked a friend of mine to tell me on what basis I was suppose to support 'The GROUPS' being formed then . When he answered that I was to be with my 'ALLIES' and look into my country's 'foreign policy' , I simply wanted to disappear as I had no clue about any of the above .
But whatever it was ,the entire experience taught me alot , and I discovered all healthy and positive points about my personality . This encouraged me to take part in a few other Mun's ,holding all together different countries and stances . When I seemed to recognise my addiction and passion for this 'ART' , I started observing it more closely to know whether I really wanted to do it or not .
How I saw Muning then and the way I view it now , the opinions are poles apart .
I always thought it made you know yourself and yes it did , you always could assess your  capabilities and to my surprise your Wit  and shrewdness .
Judging the book by it’s cover is one mistake that I made , and as the time passed by I realised the truth behind this ever so emerging fad .
MUN'ning to me is nothing else than a forum to flaunt your style and looks , meet new people and for some non serious souls , check out the opposite gender representatives .
It’s a pool that can be highlighted with a cunning streak and  politics .  Your ability to pull some one down and in this case someone with a mediocre research JUST TO GET AN AWARD ,like seriously AN AWARD , is what counts .
Honestly it’s losing it’s class , . Wherever you turn your attention towards ,you have that very organisation conducting an Mun , it’ rather like a ‘herd walk’ ,where people are only concerned with organising one to create a hype in the general arena .
Cut the awards , cut the formality and then see how many dedicated individuals or I may say ‘delegates’ are interested to discuss about the current situation in Libya or the issue of membership expansion in U.N.E.P .
It’s ruthless and smart .
It’s all Give and Take ,you give me a position now , you get a position like you get an interest from the bank after a few months . Strangely , if you are blessed with symmetrical features capable of attracting the our counterparts then you don’t even require a good research or any knowledge of you country’s role in the situation being discussed ,just wear formals and a touch up on your face and be an author of the resolution before the table .
I didn’t want to be blunt but I guess the spirit of honesty ,is just persuading me to share more and more of what I think .
I realised all of this a couple of weeks back , but settling of the fact took much longer .
It’s more or less like , an addiction : like smoking is to a few people , the active smoker knows that it’s bad but is still unable to take a stand and formulate a decision . Not that I say that Munning is something frivolous or Unhealthy ,but I just know that it is definitely not my cup of tea .
 To be more specific ,if this is what you enjoy doing then go for it , but at the end reflect back and see for yourself how much you are gaining from it and not to forget to analyse it’s genuinity.


  1. Hey, Kudrat, nice to have you back in this blog world! What you have just described is how the whole society is becomming, its disgusting at times. I know what you mean, its there everywhere you go. Its so difficult to find anything genuine anymore! I hope people will read this article of yours and try and change things! Keep writing!

  2. Hi Kudrat, i had to search for MUN and found out it is mock united nations.Not bad for the opportunity to attend a youth mock UN.Look the experience to meet and greet the people from many places .It is a process and as UN charter they can not interfere in internal affairs of a country.Many of the dictators have used it to abuse their people.In china,s cultural revolutions 20 million died ,Many have died in Darfur,Ethiopia,Sudan and other places of the world.Gulags of soviet Union were well known.In spite of all members having signed universal human rights charter writers and signers of charter 8 of china have gone to jail for long time.Shamelessly china has put its Nobel peace prize winner in Jail.

    When i left India in 1970 China India Mexico korea were poor countries. Today Korea is a financial and industrial powerhouse.Mexico has a large GDP and India and china on the path of progress.China has removed extreme poverty and has 3 times the per person income of India.

    China has developed it by using the state capitalism model and by exploiting the weaknesses of the free enterprise system.It has kept its citizens under ideological straight jacket.China has used its economical power to build infrastructure and now military power.
    America is great not for its wealth but wealth of ideas .world is looking at the challenge of development models based on Chinese model or Indian MODEL Which is late to the party.It has finally started getting rid of the shackles of colonial rule(System).Again youth of India are unafraid and strong.

    If only we could focus on the education of all and nourishment of all.I am putting a great faith in Adhar (Unique ID) being developed and implemented.Hopefully human development will take the priority of the order of defense.

    Dont be discouraged .United nations have not been able to help avoid internal conflicts.It has provided an opportunity for great number of people to meet in neutral setting .Yes security council is not a democratic institution.Look at it as a world forum for ideas more like a university think tank.
    Could you improve on its charter.And convince Saudi Arabia,China, Japan,India and USA join in.

  3. hey :)

    @ashwini - I am soo happy that you are so regular when it comes to reading what I write .
    I know for a fact that what I tried to express has been easily understood by you . Afterall it's only a woman who can understand the other :)

    and Chachu - I am happy that you know about Mun's now .
    I do agree to the fact that "UN was never made to create a heaven here but to save the earth from becoming a hell" .. which is the same as your opinion that improvement in the system would and can cause an improve in the society .

    THANK YOU SOO MUCH FOR APPRECIATING , your Motivation always helps :)

  4. Kudrat ,you write well!You seem to be a prospective diplomat probably for indo-sino relations .
    Just find you interest and goal ! and remember for international diplomacy you need to know three thing very well.
    1.your mandate
    2.inter-relation between the concerned countries
    3.communication skills
    hope this helps ..

    keep writing :)